We are keen engineers and love IT hardware. We offer planning, installation, configuration and maintenance of IT hardware.


  • Property networking
  • Telephony
  • On-site paging
  • Intercom
  • GPS tracking

Automation & Security

  • Property alarms
  • Smart Home
  • Home automation
  • Retail automation

Power solutions

  • Renewable energy
  • Efficient lighting
  • Backup power
  • Low voltage systems
  • Energy report

Art of communication

Reliable communications are essential for any property and business. Our IT communication design service provides detailed plan of all cables (network cables, TV cables, CCTV cables, intercom, etc) and devices (routers, telephony, servers, switches, hubs, DVRs, access points) in accordance with your needs. Installation of proposed system to highest standard. Finally, system is configured to satisfy your expectations. We also provide installation and configuration of business telephone system, on site paging, intercom, access, background music and more.


  • Wifi networks
  • Business telephony
  • Communication plan
  • Background music
  • Fob/tag access

My house is my castle

Comprehensive property security is a combination of burglar alarm, home automation and full coverage CCTV system. Instant mobile notifications, live access to CCTV footage and lighting automation make your property well protected. Smart home is a set of automation rules that manages appliances and monitors sensors (entry sensor, movement sensor, humidity sensor, leak sensor, etc). For example, watering plants when soil is dry or leak sensor can notify when something goes wrong with plumbing and prevent costly repair.

Automation & Security

  • CCTV mobile access
  • Security systems
  • Plant watering
  • Appliances control
  • Sensors

Nature is our best friend

Energy efficiency saves our nature and brings cost efficiency in long term. Low voltage lighting installation or conversion of existing system including cable management (indoor and outdoor). Complete off-grid power supply for remote locations. Critical systems such as security, access, telephony, essential lighting require reliable power source. Combination of main power, solar panels, batteries and management controller creates fail over solution for uninterruptible power supply. Energy consumption report indicates significant energy loss locations.

Power solutions

  • Off grid systems
  • Lighting conversion
  • Solar panels
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cable management